Smart and Easy to Use Props

Locks were cool and hidden doors still have a wow factor, but the time is quickly approaching where customers will expect more.  At Paradox Productions we are creating a new platform of smart props to make your games more interactive and immersive. Many of these will also be wireless and have web page configurable user settings designed with non-technical users in mind.  These next generation smart props will be able to talk to each other and your room control software or timer system.

We also have standard props you can use right off the shelf with various options and themes to fit a wide variety of escape rooms.


For the do-it-yourself crowd we even have electronic core components that you can purchase to integrate into your own props. Or if you have a prop idea and need help building it - we also can provide fully customized prop development.


Paradox Hub is our upcoming room automation control hardware that can integrate our prop platform with your room control software.