HOW DOES a paradox Challenge room WORK?


Each person will have to check in, watch a short “Do this, NO not that!" video, and decide at the last minute that they really do need to visit the restroom after all.


By order of the fire marshal we can’t actually lock you up.  Not quite sure why they frown on that, but there will always be a way for you to get out.  Anyway, your game master will escort you to your room and give you some last minute instructions.  Once that game starts your group will have to search the room for clues, solve various puzzles and riddles, unlock/solve/disarm various props, and solve the room’s ultimate objective, which could be to save the world, rescue a hostage, or simply escape with your lives.

(Claustrophobics be aware that most of our rooms are as large a typical office, so no need to worry about that except for The Mine... It might freak you out because it is more of an underground tunnel).


Whether you win or loose we will always let you out.  Your Game Master will then congratulate you for your awesomeness or, if desired, show you what you missed.  Then they will bring you out of the room for photos to celebrate (or ruminate) all the fun you just had.